I rarely leave home without any of these things. I took a few months off from carring the multitool this year right after Thing #2 was born this summer, and at least once a week I'd wish I had it on me.

  1. Gerber Paraframe folding/locking knife - I picked this up to replace a very similar knife I recieved (and lost) as a bridal party gift some years ago. It's started to have some troubles staying locked, so I'll look to replace it some time in the next year. It's a trusty knife, though.
  2. DynoMighty Card Case - I used to rock the full-size Dynomight Wallet, but I've been slowly trimming down what I carry every day, and trimming myself down to a couple of cards, ID, work badge and a very small amount of cash lends itself nicely to the Card Case.
  3. Gerber Compact Sport Multi-Tool - I've owned this for over 15 years. It's the most durable, useful tool I've ever had. If it kicks the bucket some day, I have my eye on a few replacement candidates, but it will be hard to find a tool I can abuse as much and keep using.
  4. iPhone 4S in a Magpul Field Case - I've been an iPhone person since the iPhone 4 was first available on Verizon Wireless. I finally upgraded to the 4s a few months ago when the previous phone stopped saving good backups. The case is about a week old, replacing a Element Vapor BlackOps case that finally cracked in half, which I did not think was possible.
  5. Keys and EDC tools on a (mostly) plastic carabiner - Blurred for security, I carry a few necessary keys, two car fobs (which are too darn big), a pair of tweezers and an Inova Microlight.

I think I've reached the bottom of my EDC minimization. I'd love to reduce my keychain a bit, and may try removing the smaller keys (bike lock, for instance) and the key to my work office that I never lock. That doesn't seem like much, but every ounce counts if it's clipped to your belt.

Dec 16th, 2013