Giving Editorial A Try

I've been following The Sweet Setup since it started a few weeks ago. For the most part, I've 100% agreed with their App preferences, and I think my digital workflow is fairly well-streamlined now anyway.1 I've recently added a keyboard case to my iPad, which has turned it into an incredibly convenient bedside-table computer and journaling/blogging interface.

I largely don't blog any more, partly due to a lack of time and partly due to an inner struggle around whether or not any of this content really matters; questions like “Is this site more than just simple vanity?”. I'll presume it's not for a little while longer and see what comes of it.

One of the apps recently reviewed by a Sweet Setup post was Editorial, which is a full-features text and Markdown editor for iPad. It's pricey ($10), but the reviews and demos were very compelling so I thought I'd commit some time to playing with it.

Goodness. It's incredible. By far it's the best-looking and most easily usable Markdown app I've tried to date. I'm only touching on the workflow support by using it to write this blog post, but I can see myself doing much more with it in the future.

  1. See my post about How I work. I’m still not happy with any to-do workflow other than “knock off the stuff in my inbox” and a post-it note. I don’t even like that, but all of the electronic options become way too easy to ignore. ↩

Dec 11th, 2013