The Best of Intentions

Also known as the "post that tells everyone why you're here and is almost like a disclaimer without being legally binding." This site has, for about a year, been nothing more than a page telling the internets about one of the several Matt Shelton's out there. (I am not a Wide Receiver for the Patriots, for the record.) More recently, I have found a desire to record some of the technology-related things that I do in a format that makes repeating said actions easy. That's one of the reasons I reinstalled wordpress and am having at this blogging thing once again. I do not intend to:

  • Let this blog be a "personal" blog. This isn't livejournal. If you want personal details beyond what's in the about page, send me email.
  • Blog to people. If anyone besides me ever reads this site, that's fantastic, and you should see the previous line item about emailing me.
  • Allow comments, unless I know I have a content-oriented readership and am asking for an opinion about something I wrote. Again, this isn't a journal, nor is it a way for people to feign communication.
  • Blog every day. I've done this before... heck, I was averaging 2-3 PPD in a previous iteration of this site. Not. Healthy.

I do, however, intend to:

  • Blog about my geekery in any form, be it technology, productivity and life-hacking, building stuff in my basement or anything else about which one can geek. As I've come to discover, the ways in which one may geek are seemingly endless.
  • Blog about things I've done, not just things that are. Life happens, and living is an action. I will share geekery-related things I do here.
  • Strive for content, accuracy, proper speeling and grammer, etc. (Yes, each was intentional.)

Most of all, this will be a site where I collect my thoughts. I'm not posting for people, but if what I write is interesting, instructive or helpful to anyone via the almighty Google, then that is fantastic. You might even consider letting me know!

Oct 9th, 2007