I am originally from Chicago, and now live in Boston Metrowest. I've lived a few places in-between including the bustling metropolitan areas of Rochester and Buffalo, NY. I'm married with two utterly adorable children. I'm a passionate follower of Jesus Christ and attend Crossroads Community Church with said adorable family.

If you wish to contact me, I check my email frequently. My resume is also hanging around. Personal information has been stripped so please find me some other way if you really need an address.

I've been crafting web sites, blogging, contributing and generally geeking-out online since somewhere around 1992, if AOL chatrooms count, and maybe a bit before if we include the random BBS and my Middle School AppleTalk network. This is the 12th-ish generation of my "home page". This site only includes blog posts from late 2007 and onward. My previous decade of writing was archived, but some of it finds its way to the surface every now and again.