Admins of Atlassian Podcast Appearance


I set a goal a long, long time ago to be on a podcast at some point. I've been an avid consumer of them for over a decade, starting with TWiT and Hardcore History on my long train rides between Everett and Wellesley back in 2004. As much fun as I thought it would be, I struggled to figure out how to get started. I could talk about anything but the podcasts I enjoyed the most had hosts who really knew their topic cold and as much as I was willing to talk about something, I never felt I had a handle on any one thing enough to talk about it on a regular basis.

Fast forward a decade... I met Mark Williams at Summit 2015. I had started listening to his "Admins of Atlassian" podcast a few weeks beforehand, and so I took a shot and asked him if I could collaborate. Mark was kind enough to not say "no" right away, so I figured there was hope... He ended up taking a job at Atlassian shortly after we met, and the podcast went on hiatus for a good long while. After my move over, I reached out to see if I could help restart the podcast, and a well-intentioned as I am, I think Mark likes doing it on his own for the most part. It's his brand and I do not fault him one single bit for this.

But, Mark is an awesome guy and he recognized that there were some topics where having a guest host or two makes for a good show, and so when he asked, I may have been the first person to volunteer. Maybe.

I can neither confirm nor deny.

Turns out, I really did love the experience, and I really don't hate the way my voice sounds.

Take a listen below, or check the episode out here if you're interested, wherein Mark chats with Jennifer Van Leeuwen and me about our best practice thoughts around upgrading Atlassian tools.

Dec 19th, 2017