Maven Extension for Feature Branch Isolation

Last year I had the privilege of speaking at the Atlassian Summit on the topic of selecting a branching model when migrating a team to Git. I had a blast, but I also came away with a small amount of regret: During the presentation, I mentioned that my team had used a custom maven extension to automate the process of isolating our build artifacts in Artifactory. We had been, and at the time still were, working with our legal department to obtain clearance to publish the extension as an open source project.

That process, unfortunately, took a lot longer than I had expected. Thankfully, the wait is over. I am incredibly pleased to finally release our Maven Feature Branch Extension to the general public. The extension is published under the Apache Software License, using the same version as Maven 3.x. Take it, use it, fork it, etc. We'll track issues in our bitbucket project and try to get to them as quickly as we can. We'll also happily accept pull requests.

I am deeply embarrassed that there is a very real possibility that someone's work might have been stalled waiting on me for nine months. I have tried to reach out to everyone that asked for this extension at Summit, posted comments on this blog, and emailed me directly. I may have missed some and if you fall into that category, please accept my most sincere apologies. I'll be at Summit this year; I'd be happy to buy you a beer.

Jul 29th, 2016