Seveneves Excerpt

Neal Stephenson posted the first 26 pages of Seveneves, his latest novel, this afternoon.

The moon blew up while...

So. Cool.

After reading this, my first reaction aside from genuine anticipation is to take note of just how many culturally modern Internet services get name-dropped:

  • Facebook
  • Dropbox
  • Wikipedia
  • Twitter

It's nice that the text is immediately relatable, but I worry that it might not be in a decade, like Snow Crash, Cryptonomicon1, and The Diamond Age all are.

He had wassted a week on the fascinating scientific puzzle of "What blew up the moon?" That had been a mistake.

I pre-ordered the book when it was announced a few weeks back. I'm looking forward to reading it nonetheless.

  1. Despite being mostly about contemporary technology, really only the bandwidth and storage media feel outdated.

Apr 13th, 2015