On Octopress

The site is live and running on Octopress. I'm super happy with the way it has turned out. From the base setup, I:

The whole conversion process from exported markdown to properly-formatted markdown with proper YAML that Jekyll expected was about 2 elapsed weeks of free time here and there, chunking sets of posts and tweaking the site as I found something that I needed to do differently from the default. There was very little that was scriptable in that process, but I made use of some command-line perl and sed/awk as necessary.

Everything else about Octopress, heroku and re-implementing this site has been incredibly smooth.

  1. It is not perfect. I’d prefer to have an easier way to do this, and until the various rake tasks become second-nature, I imagine I’m going to forget some posts along the way.

May 20th, 2014