Things I've Stumbled Upon Recently

ESVBibleWorkflow - This is an Alfred 2 workflow to place scripture from either the ESV or NASB on your clipboard. Super useful (for me, anyway). I like that if I can remember part of a verse, but not which verse it is, I can start typing and it will search ahead for me. 1

Slogger - I use Day One to journal a variety of things which make no earthly sense to share on this site.2 Slogger grabs my content from various sources3 and creates Day One journal entries for me. When I can't journal or forget to journal, this does it for me. It's not a good excuse, but it grabs content I'm already publishing elsewhere. Like this post.

Sifttter - An IFTTT to Day One Logger - I love Slogger, above, but the output format of Sifttter looks nicer, and I'm already using IFTTT for some Slogger scripts anyway.

How To Use Math To Crush Your Friends At Monopoly Like You've Never Done Before - This is awesome.

Technical Difficulties - Like a normal podcast, but broken... these guys talk for about an hour about a relevant, important, nerdy topic, and bring in great guests to discuss them when needed. The recent episiode with Bradley Chambers about Wi-Fi was incredible. I'll likely listen a second time. Also, their show notes reset the standard for podcast show notes. 4

dvm - This is Docker in a box for unsupported platforms, like MacOS, which means I don't have to also use Vagrant on my MBP when I'm also already using Parallels for my annoying Windows VM.

  1. Because for some reason I can never remember that “Woe to you, when all people speak well of you, for so their fathers did to the false prophets.” is Luke 6:26, but can always remember “speak well of you” is part of it, so this is useful.

  2. There’s a strong argument going on in my head to drop this blog altogether. The nerd in me that started writing online in 1999 can’t do that just yet.

  3. All sorts of social sites are supported. For me, I pull content from here, instagram, pinboard, pocket, and twitter.

  4. Sorry, ATP.

Jan 15th, 2014