Regular Purging

I go through these cycles of collection and purging in my office. Between spare computers and displays to random extra office supplies, I end up with a marginally cluttered work area from time to time. (My idea of cluttered is realistically most people's idea of tidy, so it's not like it's hoarders up in here.) Today felt like a purging day, so here's what I cleared out:

  • Short Micro and Mini USB cables (went to the Grid-It in my bag, replacing longer versions of the same)
  • Longer Micro and Mini USB cables (from above bag... one went home for my RaspberryPi, the other to my external hard drive)
  • Spare desktop PC tower, display, keyboard, mouse, cables (to an automation engineer who needed an extra machine)
  • Wired phone headset (to one of my staff)
  • Desk Lamp (taking it home for my desk there)
  • Various user manuals (recycling bin)
  • Old loose tea (trash, but i probably should have composted this)
  • Rollabind notebooks and associated hole punch (home, not sure what I'm going to do with these yet, but I couldn't throw them away yet)
Oct 2nd, 2012