Keeping Occupied

John Scalzi, one of my favorite authors, posed a question on his blog:

You have the ability to, for one night, reanimate any two historical personages (“historical” = “not currently alive”) and have them discuss/debate a topic of your own choosing. Which two historical personages do you choose, and what subject do you have them discuss/debate?

There were some great answers in the comments. He was quick to forbid what he considered the obvious choice of “Jesus Christ and Ayn Rand on anything”, which miffed me somewhat as that’s exactly what I’d like to see: Jesus Christ and Ayn Rand on Social Justice.

Thankfully I don’t answer to him, so I’m comfortable going with the “obvious choice”. Were I to be strong-armed, I’d probably go with Ghandi and Patton on direct versus indirect action.

Aug 27th, 2012