The Book-A-Month (Plus) for 2010

A semi-repeat from last year, when I aimed to read one book per month, I've set a goal for 2010 to read fifteen books, which seems/feels a tad ambitious. These are the first eight in my pile for the year:

Virtual Light by William Gibson

I have another goal to read all of William Gibson's books, and this one is next. Thought I'd kick the year off with it and pick up the next two in the Bridge trilogy later on in the year.

The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Moshin Hamid

This was on sale for about two bucks in the discount bin at Barnes and Noble. It looks interesting. And short.

Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller

After my mom saw that I was reading Jesus For President this fall, she thought I might like this one as well. (Shane and Chris footnote this book a couple of times as well.) Looks like another thought-provoking read.

The System of the World by Neal Stephenson

I read the first volume, Quicksilver, in 2008. I read the second, The Confusion, in 2009. I have several trips coming up in February and March during which I'm certain I can polish off the bulk of this tome. I mean, it's only 928 pages...

Getting Back To Even by Jim Cramer

My brother-in-law got two copies for Christmas and gave me one. I like free books, and a free book that intends to help you save money seems like a sweet deal, right?

Anathem by Neal Stephenson

I have been forcing myself to wait to read Anathem until I completed The Baroque Cycle. I should be ready to attempt yet another magnificent Stephenson volume by this Summer.

The Fifth Vial by Michael Palmer

My wife read this one a year or so ago and thought I'd like it. Might as well actually read it this year.

A Skeleton in God's Closet by Paul Maier

See previous statement, but substitute "a year or so" with "several years ago". Beyond the second and third members of the Bridge trilogy, I'll need to find myself another five books to read this year. This probably will present little difficulty. Actually getting through all of them will be hard enough!

Jan 9th, 2010