Nescafe Taster's Choice Instant Coffee

Via Sweet Free Stuff, my wife found me a sampler of Nescafe's Taster's Choice Instant Coffee. I love coffee, and I complain regularly about what we have around the office so she's been looking for alternatives that might keep me from being crabby. Coffee is very important! No, I don't have a problem! sip Variety being the spice of life, here's how each of the five samples faired, in my only-kinda-sort-humble opinion:


A fair cup of coffee. The flavor is good, and not overwhelming or sweet. I'm neither impressed (Hazelnut is my favorite coffee flavor) nor disappointed.


Fair. Certainly not Dunky's or Starbucks, but it's pretty decent. I'd drink this on a daily basis and not nearly be as crabby as I am when I have to drink the swill free stuff we have in our break room.


The best of the bunch. The vanilla flavor is stronger in proportion than the Hazelnut. I don't know if I could drink it every day1, but it's certainly enjoyable.

Gourmet Roast

I expected this to be a tad better than the Original, seeing as it's "Gourmet". In this case, Gourmet must mean "tastes like your normal office kitchen coffee". Blech.

100% Colombian

Pretty strong for instant coffee! I liked it more than I was expecting. It's better than the Original, and easily the best non-flavored of the group.


I... don't drink decaf. Ok, fine, I'll try it... meh. Overall, I'd have to say I'm pleased how well I enjoyed the instant coffee. I had my doubts, though my experiences with Starbucks' Via line were also positive. Maybe I'm not cut out to be a coffee snob.

More? Yes, please!

  1. I’d get sick of the flavoring after a while.

Aug 15th, 2009