Book-A-Month - July 2009

Home Game was a gift for my first Father's Day last month. Immediately noticing its cuteness, my wife picked it up and read it before I did. She assured me I'd enjoy it and like with everything else, she was 100% right.

This book is loaded with hilarious anecdotes about Lewis' experiences with his three young children. He has some interesting theories on fatherly love, mostly that it comes from wanting to toss your children from high balconies and not doing so. I can't attest to personally scaling any tall objects with my son in tow, but I can relate to the surprise that is the level of stress an infant brings. It's incredible, and the level of openness in this book is refreshing and easily relate-able1.

I highly recommend this book for any new or soon-to-be new father. You'll laugh. You'll groan. You'll think "yeah, me too!". You'll wonder why he's storing his cheese outside.

Well, you would too.

  1. Yes, I know “relate-able” is not a word, but my inner thesaurus is failing me. Identifiable sounded wrong.

Aug 9th, 2009