Customer Service Win: Liberty Mutual

A little over a month ago, I was gifted with a light-duty trailer. It's about 15 years old and I'll use it to haul crap to the local recycling/refuse center, transport craigslist purchases, annoy the cats, etc. The only catch is that my vehicle for towing it is a 2002 Saturn SL sedan, but he's scrappy, so I have high hopes. In Massachusetts, for light-duty trailers there's no insurance premium, but you do have to register the trailer so that it has its own plates. Your insurance company gives you an RMV-1 form to bring to the ever-exciting Registry of Motor Vehicles, you pay some fees, get a plate, and you may commence hauling.

We switched insurers last year after Mass de-regulated it's auto insurance. I was a Commerce customer via AAA for years, and put up with their piss-poor customer service for the 15% discount I was recieving. (It was almost an even trade.) My company offered a group discount for a couple of companies, and based on what I wanted to insure, my only option was Liberty Mutual. I hadn't heard anything bad about them, but also nothing good. From the first call with our rep, I've been pleased, but not so over-the-top pleased that I felt I needed to say anything about it.

When people do what you perceive as their job, that's not much to write home about. When they exceed those expectations, then it's noteworthy.

I've been pretty busy the last month and haven't had a chance to get the trailer hitch installed on my car. As a result, I never bothered to register the trailer after my visit to Liberty's office. Today I received a call from the agent who assisted me saying they noticed I hadn't registered it yet and that my RMV-1 form was about to expire.

Wow, that's totally my own darn fault. Matt FAIL.

Then she said there was a new form in the mail and that it should arrive tomorrow.

Liberty Mutual WIN. +10 for making my life easier, guys. Thanks.

Jun 24th, 2009