Book A Month - March 2009 (again)

I've been bad. Rather than getting along with finishing up The Confusion, (which I really want to do, really!), I let myself get sucked into another graphic novel. I mentioned to the friend that loaned me The Watchmen that I'd always been interested in reading V for Vendetta as I loved the movie.

Wow, was I shocked at the disparity! In as much as The Watchmen pledged allegiance to the original, V For Vendetta went its own way. There are entire major plot lines that were re-thought, entire character arcs dropped, historical elements shifted to be "less British", etc. I found this jarring, but after the first hundred pages, I had the same reaction I have whenever I read an original after seeing an adaptation for film - I end up thinking the book's way better. With V for Vendetta, it wasn't as strong a reaction, but what sealed it for me was the ending. Evey's final scene was far sweeter than just standing there watching fireworks, as she does in the movie. It was a pledge that the struggle for freedom didn't end with the death of the patient in room five. I liked that.

Anyway, now I have to watch the movie again, just because the story is so fresh in my mind.

Mar 16th, 2009