iTunes Playlist Export

One of my long-time gripes with iTunes is that the only ways to export its playlists are to text and xml which aren't particularly useful by themselves. I've been doing more processor- and memory-intensive work on my laptop lately, and wish to augment said work with tunes whilst also not killing my machine. iTunes isn't exactly a RAM-lightweight, so in situations like this I tend to fire up the ever-trusty install of WinAmp. Recently, however, I've been listening to the same massive playlist over and over again, and re-creating it in WinAmp would be a bit of a pain.

Lucky for me, someone else thought that automating this would be a good idea. Enter iTunes Export, which does exactly what it says it does, quickly and to several useful formats. As great single-purpose software does, it just plain works.

There are four screens, each of which are, as you can see, pretty straightforward. Screen 3 is where all of the fun options are. I didn't need to re-copy all of my music to a new location, but I can see how that would be useful if you wanted to, say, burn a DVD of a large playlist for someone who doesn't have iTunes. For me, the M3U export without copy was perfect, and I haven't opened iTunes in days.