G-Archiver Steals Passwords

Spotted this over on Of Zen and Computing, and I thought it bore repeating to gain some Google traffic.

If you have ever used G-Archiver to back up your GMail, immediately change your GMail password and uninstall G-Archiver. G-Archiver e-mails your GMail username and password to the program's author. The program's source code contains the author's GMail login credentials — an abnormal ocurrance [sic] that led a curious reader of Coding Horror to discover the dark side of G-Archiver. Coding Horror reader Dustin Brooks took a peak at the author’s GMail account, and discovered that John Terry, creator of G-Archiver, is in possession of the usernames and passwords of thousands of people who have used G-Archiver.

I've not tried G-Archiver, and for certain I won't knowing it's going to up and steal my account password! There are safer backup ideas out there for GMail.

Mar 10th, 2008