PHP 5 now out of beta at Nearly Free Speech

My web host, which has a really interesting hosting model, has been beta-testing PHP5 for some time now. I don't have as much time to play with it as I'd like, so I opted to stay out of the beta for now.

However, testing is complete, and PHP 5 (v5.2) support is now out of beta and is the default for all new sites. I just set up a new site not knowing this and everything in my PHP app is functioning as I'd expect. Groovy!

They're also offering a CGI-based version which runs with safe_mode and open_basedir eacg turned OFF, which is huge for some apps like Gallery, which used to be my web-based photo app of choice.

So, I'll just flip the switch and see what happens. Why not, right?

Jan 4th, 2008